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Jeff (Jaafer) Gareau,
B.A., I.R.Econ.

Financial Advisor/Dealing Representative,
NO INTEREST Investments
Global Maxfin Investments Inc.


Special Notices

The 2016 RRSP Contribution deadline is March 1, 2017.

We need to get all of your documentation in ASAP due to the last minute rush at the end. We e-mailed clients the forms in our last e-mail blast. Please see below if you have misplaced the e-mail or did not save the attachment. If you have an existing RRSP account, the PAC Request Form is all we need along with the Financial Needs & Analysis form if you have not submitted an updated one since August 2007 due to regulatory requirements by the OCS and MFDA. If you need to update, simply circle the answers, sign, and date and return to us (via scan and e-mail, fax, or Canada Post). We need the paperwork in good form (signed in all the right places) by 12 noon on Monday, March 1, 2017 if done electronically, including a VOID cheque with clear banking information.

If you are an existing client and you need to open another RRSP account registration (i.e. one for your spouse), we need to create a new account and get it duly signed by you with a void cheque. Contact us ASAP and we can create for you.

The annual maximum RRSP deduction limits are as follows:
2014 - $24,270
2015 - $24,930
2016 - $25,370
2017 - $26,010